Monday, June 18, 2007

Social Events

Me and the bros.

Morgan and T-Rex - She may be little but look out. ahaha

Reag and Brentie after about a million tries to get them both looking normal.

Pam and I.


Pam and my date for the evening Kari-Ann. And what a fabulous date she was might I say. I never had to worry about getting my own drink or anything. I've never been tended to quite so well. You should maybe start to worry a little Scott.
Great weekend - it was awesome seeing everybody. But now I need to catch up on my sleep. Tonight I think I shall do laundry and watch a chick flick.


Pamela said...

It was super sweet seeing you too, my little Nug-Meg! (Is it okay that I adopt that name, now?)

We will be seeing you again real soon - all over July!


ka said...

Um, you neglected to mention the BEST part about the hot date... She does hair and make-up. :)

And you were a good date too. Except for refusing to put out at the end of the night. Maybe next time?

Oh, I'm kidding... It's been too long since The Boy was home. I'm talking delirious... ;)