Monday, June 11, 2007

She's a Brick.... House....

31 WEEKS!!!
I had a wonderful moment on Saturday while planting caraganas where I looked down and noticed that my hands had sausages on them.... not fingers. My hands were so swollen it was gross. And actually kind of painful. Other than that, pregnancy is a dream. Even though I feel like a tank I had a lady tell me this morning that I look small. HA. I don't even care if she was just trying to be nice... at this point I'll take anything I can get.

After a very productive and fun evening with Kari-Ann on Saturday night, I am oh so close to being done the quilt for Pedro. I just have to finish the hand stitching and then I will post pictures. I'm very proud of it though and can only hope that one day Pedro will appreciate all the love his mama put into it for him.


ka said...

We'll make sure Pedro appreciates it. :)

And you're that good kind of pregnant. The kind where you have a belly, but the rest of your is pretty much what the rest of you is. Trust me. I've seen people where you can't tell their arse from their belly. NOT the good kind of pregnant. :)

Meghan said...

Thanks baby!
I still have 2 more months to go and I hope that with all this heat I don't puff up like a pastry!