Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend in pics ( and some writing too)

How did everyone love the wonderful weather we had all weekend? We had our favorite guests from Regina for most of the long weekend and despite the crappy weather, we had a great time. It was nice to visit and catch up. Their kids are adorable and well behaved and Scott and I both thoroughly enjoyed imagining what our lives will be like in a few years.

For the most part we got hooked on Need for Speed on Playstation 2 but when the sun actually broke through on Saturday afternoon we took advantage and barbequed some awesome tenderloin steaks, had a bonfire, toasted marshmallows and even set off some fireworks later in the evening. It was a nice break from being cooped up inside the rest of the weekend.

Fire surfing....
Good times. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, resting and playing more Need for Speed. We're kind of hooked right now.


Pamela said...

All and all - the perfect week-end! :)

I can you see fire surfing in, say, 4 months? 5?

ka said...

Funny how our idea of fun never really changes... I remember when fire JUMPING was all the rage in high school. And the kid who lost his eyebrows as a result. Or the other kid who stepped down too quick and burned his foot... Actually, fire surfing looks like much more fun (and much safer too :).