Thursday, May 10, 2007


Don't I look like a bitch in this pic. I thought it was funny so I'm posting it.

So things have been busy this week. We finally got our flooring installed in the hallway and bathroom. It looks awesome and I am FINALLY happy about it.

I need to put something at the end of this hall, but I don't really want something that I will continually knock over... any ideas?

We're getting ready for our garage sale on Saturday. So if anyone happens to be in Killarney please come buy our shit!
In other news, the baby seems to be doing fine as he is constantly shaking his shit around in there! I have my next doctors appointment next Wednesday where I am sure that my doc will be shocked as to how much I have grown. I'll also be doing the glucose test, which apparently involves drinking this really gross shit and then having blood drawn. Nothing else I'd rather do at 8:30 in the morning. After our garage sale I hope to get going on the nursery and also get my butt in gear on the baby quilt that I thought was such a wonderful idea to make. Once I get them done I'll post pics.

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