Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Week 29. So far so good. The baby is growing and performing quite the acrobats - I would be surprised if it isn't going to be break dancing straight out of the womb. It's so neat now because you can actually see my stomache moving when he hoofs me. Scott really gets a kick out of being able to see it move and also being able to feel just how strong our baby already is. As far as pregnancy goes - I can definitely see why people just can't wait for it to be over though. I am finding it quite amusing how people love to comment on how I should enjoy my time now when I can still sleep cuz ya know when the baby comes.... all of that infinite wisdom. And the funny part is that some of these people who say these things don't even have children yet. Yeah thanks for the advise dumb ass, we illiterate people know nothing about babies. And do they think that sleeping now is really that great. Let me tell you the sleep issues have started already - probably to start to prepare you for what's ahead. Sore hips, jabs from the baby, back pain, heartburn.... none of these add up to a great nights sleep anymore - so if one more person tells me that I should enjoy sleeping right now I am going to go Rambo on their ass.

Anywhoooo.... on with the pics.

Hello awkward arms. This was one of the better ones where I wasn't yelling at Scott.

Self portrait yesterday.... looks huge close up doesn't it?

And the straight on shot. It looks crooked. And my belly button hasn't popped yet. I don't think it will. I have the deepest belly button ever and judging by the finger depth test, it still will stay an innie for awhile yet.

Happy hump day!

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ka said...

"going to go Rambo on their ass"

See, you're already talking like a Mom. Because those are the expressions that will stay with Pedro for the rest of his/her life and that he/she will share with his/her own children.

Sheesh, I see why you call it Pedro... :)