Thursday, April 26, 2007


I forgot.... I'm picking up my gap order tonight! Super pumped.
I hope everything fits. It cost me around $80 bucks duty at the border which totally sucks ass so everything better fit cuz I'm not sending it back.


So it has been a busy week. I've been off at a convention and today is my first day back at work this week. So needless to say I have been playing catch up all day! Convention was the same old but I managed to squeeze in a round of golf with the little bro and some shopping. Golfing went pretty terrible but being the first time out and a tad bit bigger than the last time it was kind of to be expected. It does impress me how the little bro seems to be quite protective of me all of a sudden. He carried my clubs to and from the car and at one point when I was driving the cart somewhat erratically he asked me if that would hurt Pedro. I told him we'd find out if his head was full of dents when he came out. And then he even came car seat shopping/ stroller shopping with me. I've never seen any guy (sorry Scott) so helpful in the baby department. He pulled out everything for me, test drove the stroller, even went and got a customer service rep to come help us. And then he picked out a cute little outfit for Pedro, which we left behind in case it's a Pedrina. So not to ruin his badass rep, but he thoroughly impressed me. Not having any sisters sometimes is hard cuz you just can't do the same things or share the same things with brothers. Since I have been pregnant I have really found out that despite not wanting to hear about my feelings or PMS related dialogue, he really does have a nicer side to him. On that note - if he reads this he will absolutely kill me for making him out to be any less than a badass devil child.

Anyways, so last night when I got home, I probably should have been resting or cleaning up or something productive and what did I do... I went golfing again. This time I played much better. We walked the round though and I tell you - it is so much harder to do now than it was last year. By the end my ankles were sore and I was pooped. Maybe if I go out more often, I will get used to it.... that's what I'm hoping anyways.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Snack of the day


Dill pickle dip.

What warrants a website??

Okay so doing some daily scrolling... not that busy today as you can see. Came across this little gem.

Who comes up with this stuff??

Monday, April 16, 2007

23 Weeks

I have a guilty confession to make - I had ice cream twice on Saturday. Oops.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

To shop or not to shop....

So I really think that I need to place another order for some more clothes. I cleaned out my closet and dresser Tuesday night and now it looks so empty. I put a lot of my pre-preggers clothes in a rubbermaid for storage and now my closet looks pathetic. Plus with temps promising to get into the double digits I need some cooler things to wear.

So I've been scoping it out online and have found some cute things on

So now the question is do I spend even more money and get some more clothes???

Some possible purchases:

And of course this......

But it gets better.....

Isn't that the cutest thing ever???

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dr. Feelgood???

So I had my doctors appointment this morning. Now I knew that I had gained weight this month but when I hopped on the scale I was a little less than enthused. I gained 8 pounds in the last month!!! Yikes.

So the doctor takes a look at my very depressed face and tells me that it's all perfectly okay and that I don't look any different so it must be the baby taking it. Yeah lady, I'm pretty sure that my baby which should now be about 1 pound, certainly did take the whole eight pound weight gain. If it did it's likely sporting an ass like Beyoncee. Or maybe JLo. So then she just nicely tells me that I should keep exercising, blah, blah, blah. I felt like telling her that the only exercise I want to be getting these days is back and forth from the fridge to get my pickles to the t.v. where the new Bachelor Season has begun.

Oh the drama... apart from that the baby is doing great. It's heartrate was at 150 today. So I got checking out the old wive's tale about the different heartrates. Apparently if the heartrate is high - above 150 - it will be a girl. And if it's below, it will be a boy. Well go figure, my little turd is already being a shit and sitting right on the middle point. I knew this baby was going to be just like his daddy.

AND.... now I am getting sick. This morning I'm sitting in the doctor's office and I sneeze a few times. So she asks if I have a cold. To which I reply no - it's just allergies. Then I get to work and this afternoon, I start having more cold-like symptoms. SHIT.

Oh well, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.

Yet another obsession

SOO yummy! The other night I had three of these suckers. At least they're low fat!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

21 weeks

And it continues to grow.... and move! It is such an amazing thing to feel your baby moving inside of you. I tried to describe it to Scott and I don't think I did a very good job. Maybe I'll steal Corina's description and tell you that it feels like a little worm inside of you.