Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rainy days

So it's kind of drab here today and it sounds like it is going to be for a few days. I've been furiously preparing for our audit and putting the final touches on our budget. Pretty exciting. All I can focus on is wanting a glass of red wine and a bubble bath ~ sigh~. Not that I'm a lush or anything but it's like wanting a toasted tomato sandwich with fresh tomatos in the middle of winter. Not going to happen, thus making it sooo much more appealing.

On a more exciting note, I have my ultrasound tomorrow and Scott and I are pretty excited. Scott keeps hoping that little "Pedro", as "it" is so affectionately called around here, will be giving us the finger in the pictures. Who knows.... it is the spawn of the devil.

I feel like I have grown so much in this last week.

All of a sudden I only have one pair of jeans that are not maternity that still fit me anymore. I guess at 19 weeks that's actually not that bad. Pretty much half way now. Technically I guess one more week but who's counting!

Scott and I have been trying to get our house ready for the arrival and while we were in Winnipeg we bought a dining suite. It was really nice but absolutely filthy. Took us until this weekend to finally get it cleaned up. Have a look:

It seems to fit perfectly in our house and we're both quite happy with it. Next purchases - cribs and carseats. I've started researching already cuz I tell you it is overwhelming the choices that are out there!


Pamela said...

Very nice!

Side note, Jeremy has become quite inspired by the tummy shots. He has strong thoughts of putting his own man belly on his blog. Stay tuned! :)

Meghan said...

Cool! He should definitely show his man belly!!
I just think it's kind of neat to watch it grow. Plus everywhere I read it tells you to document it so that you can actually remember in years to come.

ka said...

Is Scott experiencing any sympathy weight gains?

There's a guy at work who had a baby almost two years ago. His wife put on 28 pounds, he put on 30. Now she's expecting again and we were asking him if he had any plans of doing the same thing. He said he can't. She may have lost all the baby weight in between, but he hadn't quite yet. :)