Friday, March 23, 2007

Pedro's debut

So we made it through the ultrasound relatively unscathed. Once I got past the fact that I did have to be in a gown things really started to pick up. I am so not a gown person. I feel like such a dweeb and then of course you leave your socks on and to me that is just weird looking. BUT it is a hospital and not a fashion show, so once I came to terms with that we were rolling.
I went in alone at first and the technologist? did her thing. She told me that there are 60ish things that she has to get pictures of so they can check it all out. She did tell me that the baby was cooperating and not flipping all over the place so that made it easier. So she did all that boring business first and then Scott was allowed to come in and look. It was pretty amazing to actually see our baby for the first time. It just made it so real. And then we got to keep some pictures ( which we immediately made copies of and laminated!). A few turned out pretty good but the quality here will not be that easy to make anything out. We saw the face pretty clearly, a foot ( with 5 little toes!), and the spine was really clear. I told Scott that from the pictures, I can tell already that this baby is going to be gorgeous! Ahahaha.

So enough with the talking I'll post the pics. Sorry for the lack of clarity, it's the best I could do.

The spine.... can you see it?


Pamela said...

If Pedro was cooperating for the picture, does s/he take after you or Scott? The gorgeous part I understand... :)

Very cool.

ka said...

Very cool, indeed. Though I'm going to have to take your word on what's what. And I looked really hard for any sort of confirmation on Pedro versus Pedra. Hey, does Dr. Klassen get excited about the fact that you can see the spine? All good? No adjustments necessary? :)

Meghan said...

Yeah - the spine was pretty cool. And on the original copy it is easier to see things.
The tech told us that the baby was in the wrong position to see what sex it was! It was all curled up with its legs under its bum. So even if we wanted to try and figure it out there is just no way.