Monday, January 15, 2007

Soak in the sun

Scott and I decided last Wednesday night that we were going on a Winter holiday. By Friday night we had booked our weeklong getaway in Cuba! We leave on January 28th and I am so excited. It has been so busy at work, and I will have to work my ass off in order to be able to go and relax but it will be so worth it.

Only 13 more sleeps!


Pamela said...

Oh my god - I'm so jealous! (Wilton, are you seeing this?!) :)

But, if there is anyone deserving of a nice warm get away, it's you two crazy kids! Good on ya!


ka said...

Um, and where is The Boy?? He should be seeing this as well.

Hey, can you imagine if all of us went somewhere? Do I hear a GONG SHOW. Oh my. I think it would have to be an all-you-can-drink for sure. And I think we'd need a week at home to recover.

Maybe if Pam and Jer take the plunge somewhere fabulous... (Oh I did NOT just make a marriage joke... ME of all people :).