Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind...

I am so stressed out! Deep Breath!
Work is extremely busy right now and I am obviously, much to my dismay, not one of those people that can just turn it off and go home kind of person. On the contrary, I am one of those; have to keep a pen and paper by the side of the bed in order to write things down to do at work the next day in order to be able to sleep type of person. It just never ceases to amaze me the people out there that expect so much from everybody else. I was raised to take care of yourself and I guess I just expect others to do the same.

Alrighty then, now that that is out of my system.

The long weekend was absolutely wonderful!! Had Mom's 50th birthday party on Friday night and it turned out great. It is so nice to see everybody happy and having a good time. My mom is normally pretty reserved ( I take after dad in that regard)but I tell you she was throwing back the liquor and dancing up a storm that night. Of course we forgot the camera - talk to Scott about that one!

I used the rest of the weekend as an opportunity to do some fall cleaning and work on my Christmas present projects. Yes, I actually worked on my Christmas present projects! Yeah! Scott has been wondering how long I was planning on staring down that pile of fabric just hoping that the little sewing fairy would come along and whip it up for me.

In other news Scott said I could put the Christmas tree up on November 25th. Is anybody else excited by this??? Except I have to change the color of the decorations this year to "go" with the new house. Sigh. Oh the troubles I have.


Wilton said...

Are you putting up a real tree?
My excitement level will depend on that. Also, I thought I read that it was already up, which to me made sense since most of my work materials are Christmas based these days. So in my mind it's December 14th everyday. But then I realized in the new world it's only the...15th, of Novomotrone. BUT the second reading always wins the pie. Have fun on the 25th!

Kari-Ann said...

We've been celebrating at work since October 25th. The earlier those dang salespeople sell their Christmas crap, the earlier we can get it all done.

And it's got to be a real tree. What's Christmas without someone screaming and yelling that the tree is crooked and all the needles falling off well before they are "supposed" to? Nothing festive about that. :)

Meghan said...

Sorry to bust the bubble but it's fake!
More Scott's doing than mine, however, probably a good idea for a " semi neat freak" like myself.

Nice to hear from you Wilton - how are things?