Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rant of the day!

As everyone knows (or should know) yesterday was Election Day in Manitoba. Due to the nature of my job it was a fairly significant day. After a busy and long day, as I was calculating the official count and the election turnout, I was actually disgusted. We had less than a 50% turnout, and I heard that in Winnipeg it was even worse at around 32%. What this tells me is that people don't care. This also tells me that people have no right to complain about the state of our local governments.

With all of the attention focused around the election in our office, I had the opportunity to ask a few people about whether they were voting or not and why. Some of the most common responses to why people weren't voting were that they didn't know the candidates or they didn't like any of them. I think that these are poor excuses. It makes much more sense to me to still go and get your ballot and write declined on it. This way you are still exercising your right to vote but you are expressing that you don't like the options. And believe me - all of this information is recorded.

So to all of you who got out and voted - kudos to you.

And for those who didn't.....

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Kari-Ann said...

Apparently you need to live in Winkler and have a vote with a question about booze - they got almost 60% turnout in one ward on Wednesday. :)