Wednesday, October 11, 2006


A great thing about living in the country is all of the wildlife you see. Today on the way to work I saw some mooses. Actually moose is the plural of moose. Not meeses as some of you may think, ahaha. Anywho.... it was a moose family complete with a baby and of course I had to stop and have a looksie loo.

I tried to take a picture but I wasn't getting out of my car (I didn't need to start out my day with a moose up my ass!) so they turned out blurry.



Pamela said...

So nice!

Would have been fun to see an action shot, though. You know - a moose attempting to go up your bum.

Apparently there is a herd of Elk around too (is it a "herd" when it comes to Elk?) Have you seen them?

I haven't blogged for awhile - more to come!

AnJaka said...

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