Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Weekend update

So the golfing was fun. I didn't golf particularily well, but hey, it happens.

On Sunday we went to see Jackass 2. Interesting movie....you definitely need a strange sense of humour to enjoy it though. The best part was that Scott and I were the oldest ones in the theatre. I spent a good portion of the movie with my hands over my eyes because it was just that gross!


Scott said...

Correction, I was the oldest one in the movie. I think the big native ladies were around your age. Plus the other best part of the movie was the minimum wage flunky trying to kick out the five 13 year olds that snuck in. I was 13 and some guy had caught me red-handed, I would have run red-faced from the theatre and not shown my face there again from the shame. These kids argued with the guy and even said they were 18, even though in the minimal light of the previews you could plainly see none of them had more than baby down on their ball-sacs. Perfect time for a soapbox, Parents if you raise foul -mouthed argumentative punks and haven't raised a hand to curb it, beatings are coming your way.

Pamela said...

Preach it, brotha!

(Cute pics, Meg!)

Does this mean Scott has a blog somewhere....?

Kari-Ann said...

Welcome, Scott to the blogging world! Your epic rants are a welcome addition!

Though why you were looking at their ball-sacs is a little beyond me. But hey, you're Megs' problem, not mine. :)

Kari-Ann said...

PS - Scott, it's not nice to lie in your personal profile. Yes I checked. And being Mennonite doesn't give you the right to put "relgious lay minister" under your occupation. :)

Wilton said...

WOW was that Twisty on the internet!
That was the last piece. It's full now.