Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Men are from Mars

Friday morning while trying to get dressed for a seminar I was attending I made the mistake of asking how I looked. Scott was rather vague and just said "o.k." So of course being a woman I wanted to know what o.k. meant.

"Well, you look like a turd" is what he told me.

Obviously I was wearing way too much brown. I immediately tried on every piece of clothing I owned for the next thirty minutes trying to come up with a less turdish option.

So... yesterday morning, Scott chose an outfit that was primarily brown. He didn't ask what he looked like, so I volunteered the information and told him he looked like a turd. What's fair is fair.

His response;

"Good - that's the look I was going for" and walked out of the room.

Men suck.


Kari-Ann said...

That's what you get for volunteering information to a man. And for caring what a man thinks. They're best left ignored (sorry Jer, who is probably the only guy I know who blogs :).

Pamela said...

I bet you deep (DEEP!) down, that comment got to him.

I bet you he doesn't wear predominately brown for awhile...


Wilton said...

Well...the apology is appreciated. i'm just speechless though otherwise!