Thursday, September 07, 2006


There's something about this time of year that makes me very restless. I'm kind of sick of yard work but I really don't have any projects inside yet either, so I just end up moping around, accomplishing nothing. End of summer always makes me like this - not sad because I welcome fall, but not really ready for summer to be completely over yet either. Sigh.

Oh well, a few good things do happen around this time of year. I am getting geared back up to finish decorating our poorly furnished house. Now when I say poorly furnished, I mean we need decorative touches. To a man I'm sure it looks fine - we have a couch, table, and most importantly a t.v. But it is missing those things that make a house a home, like curtains, rugs and artwork. And we do have some projects that still need finished from last year ( wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I love how a blog can turn into nice way to nag!

I've also been feeling crafty lately. I desperately want to start a project or two but I don't really know what. I don't want to start something too intimidating that I won't finish, but I would like to make some Christmas gifts this year. I ventured into the fabric store in town the other day and I got intimidated and left with nothing. So before I go again I need a plan of attack. Maybe Kari-Ann could offer some suggestions??


Pamela said...

KA offer up some suggestions?! No way - that is SO unlike her. :)
I know what you mean. I have been unmotivated to do anything, including the dishes! (But, I do them - I have a roommate! I just don't like it...) But, I am looking forward to the move-in with the boy. That's very a "fun" project. Guess you've already done that "project", huh? You'll find something to do - all good my babies!

Kari-Ann said...

What, Megs is having babies?! Oh, how funny I am.

I actually took my latest "projects" on a road show last week to everyone I thought would be interested. My suggestion is PJ pants. It's a great Christmas present - like give your brothers and their significant others homemade pj pants, popcorn and a movie for a date night in a box.

Man, imagine what I'll come up with after I have a cup of coffee!