Friday, September 29, 2006

Danger, danger high voltage

So yesterday the power was out in our office starting at 10:00 for what they told me would be for approximately 6 hours. So my assistant stayed until noon and I buggered off to Brandon for the day.

I ended up picking up some fabric and things. I love this brown and blue polka dot fabric!

I also got curtains for our bedroom which are just so light and airy - I love them. I think I am going to get some tie-backs for them because in the pic they are being held like that by hair ties.

I also got some clothes for work. All in all a pretty productive day. Oh - and they didn't finish their hydro work so the power will be going off again next week for one day so that they can finish. I wonder what I'll do that day??


Wilton said...

Are those long curtains compensating for something?? Men buy big trucks, women cut their hair and buy long window coverings eh... and you even have hair ties in them! maybe we can braid them later too. ;-)

Meghan said...

They will look better once I get the tie backs but you get the idea.