Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So... been awhile eh.
Been busily preparing for Christmas and yet doing very little. It's amazing as soon as it gets close, how I lose all motivation to do any work. Yesterday and today have been surprisingly productive at work and at home but I know that the only reason I am doing this is so that I can duck the fog later in the week.
The weekend was fun - big Christmas party with Scott's office... all four of us ... including spouses. ahaha
Saturday I went to Brandon to brave the crowds and finish up with the hubby's stocking stuffers. Those effing little stuffers are frustrating... I so don't want to end up putting gitch or socks in there. Too bad when I was making our stockings I made them so big!

Only 2 and a half days left this week. Then I'm off until January. Can't wait.
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Christmas Poll

Who do you associate more with Christmas?
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Monday, December 04, 2006

More pics

What a little stinker.

Immense concentration = tongue out

The happy hosts.

Christmas is a comin and the goose is gettin fat

Hope that everyone out there had a good weekend. I had a GREAT weekend. It was supposed to be relaxing and it definitely was that. Except for when the water froze up on us and it took us 3 hours to fix it. That wasn't so relaxing. But anywho...
Apart from that I baked, I wrapped gifts, decorated the house. Plus we had a birthday party for my dad and that was fun.

Yummy. They looked better here than they did after the candy canes bled into the icing and turned it red, but whatevs. I guess Martha Stewart can keep her job for a little while longer.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Regina pics

So here are the much anticipated Regina pics. We had an awesome time. Thanks for everything Joe and Kyla. We love you guys!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fa lala lala

So it's finally happening. I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. Normally I'm already there - usually I'm done my shopping by this point. Crazy but true. And then I just relax and enjoy the Christmas season. Yesterday on our way home from Regina ( which was awesome - I'll post pics soon ) I bought new Christmas lights to coordinate our tree with the new house ( uh, yeah). And today, I pretty much did all my shopping for the hubby online.

*** As a side note, I will mention that Scott is so right about shopping online. I am starting to agree that it is way better than dealing with the zombies in the mall, too busy focusing on their next big purchase to realize that their cart is up my ass and their kids finger is so far up their nose they're causing brain damage.

So now I'm pumped up to get home and finish one of my sewing Christmas projects and hopefully start the next one. I also will be getting the house cleaned and the tree ready to be decorated. Once the spirit hits, it can't be stopped. Now all I need is to bust out the carols and find my Santa hat.... or maybe the reindeer horns?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind...

I am so stressed out! Deep Breath!
Work is extremely busy right now and I am obviously, much to my dismay, not one of those people that can just turn it off and go home kind of person. On the contrary, I am one of those; have to keep a pen and paper by the side of the bed in order to write things down to do at work the next day in order to be able to sleep type of person. It just never ceases to amaze me the people out there that expect so much from everybody else. I was raised to take care of yourself and I guess I just expect others to do the same.

Alrighty then, now that that is out of my system.

The long weekend was absolutely wonderful!! Had Mom's 50th birthday party on Friday night and it turned out great. It is so nice to see everybody happy and having a good time. My mom is normally pretty reserved ( I take after dad in that regard)but I tell you she was throwing back the liquor and dancing up a storm that night. Of course we forgot the camera - talk to Scott about that one!

I used the rest of the weekend as an opportunity to do some fall cleaning and work on my Christmas present projects. Yes, I actually worked on my Christmas present projects! Yeah! Scott has been wondering how long I was planning on staring down that pile of fabric just hoping that the little sewing fairy would come along and whip it up for me.

In other news Scott said I could put the Christmas tree up on November 25th. Is anybody else excited by this??? Except I have to change the color of the decorations this year to "go" with the new house. Sigh. Oh the troubles I have.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kids say the darndest things!

So just had a guy tell me the funniest story about his 4 year old daughter. They were having a presentation from the local firefighters at pre-school about not playing with fire when his daughter pipes up and says, "but sometimes my mom and dad light a match in the bathroom".

Drum roll please.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


So just recently I kind of started watching Grey's Anatomy. The only reason being that everyone at work was talking about McDreamy and McSteamy and McFartypants. So I just had to find out who these Mc's were. So after a few short weeks I have to say I find the show somewhat enjoyable. I'm not a diehard fan yet but I'm definitely enjoying the view.

Rant of the day!

As everyone knows (or should know) yesterday was Election Day in Manitoba. Due to the nature of my job it was a fairly significant day. After a busy and long day, as I was calculating the official count and the election turnout, I was actually disgusted. We had less than a 50% turnout, and I heard that in Winnipeg it was even worse at around 32%. What this tells me is that people don't care. This also tells me that people have no right to complain about the state of our local governments.

With all of the attention focused around the election in our office, I had the opportunity to ask a few people about whether they were voting or not and why. Some of the most common responses to why people weren't voting were that they didn't know the candidates or they didn't like any of them. I think that these are poor excuses. It makes much more sense to me to still go and get your ballot and write declined on it. This way you are still exercising your right to vote but you are expressing that you don't like the options. And believe me - all of this information is recorded.

So to all of you who got out and voted - kudos to you.

And for those who didn't.....

Monday, October 16, 2006

Takes one to know one!

One of the funny things about Scott's family is that everyone is "Dick". The dog, Davie and Cornie are all "Dick". This tends to get a little confusing when all three are standing around you. It was quite an adjustment when I first started frequenting the Klassen hacienda to adjust to all of the nicknames, german expressions and sometimes just general jibberish. But I can now proudly say that I can partake in a lot of this now - I've already gone through a few nicknames and can even recite grace in german now (not that I ever volunteer!).

This weekend we went on a little trip to visit the in-laws. Part of this trip was a side trip with Davie to his farm. Watching his expressions as he showed me all of his sheds full of tractors, tools and various other equipment was like looking at a kid at Christmas. It was an amazing day and I managed to capture a bit of it on camera.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


A great thing about living in the country is all of the wildlife you see. Today on the way to work I saw some mooses. Actually moose is the plural of moose. Not meeses as some of you may think, ahaha. Anywho.... it was a moose family complete with a baby and of course I had to stop and have a looksie loo.

I tried to take a picture but I wasn't getting out of my car (I didn't need to start out my day with a moose up my ass!) so they turned out blurry.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Things that I am thankful for:

1. A loving, caring, and handsome husband ( especially when he's sleeping, ahaha )
2. Our slobbering dogs that love us even when we are cursing at them
3. My parents, siblings and the outlaws too!
4. Our house, that even though is not finished is still OURS! And also the 10 acres that we have all to ourselves to skip and frolic on.
5. A career that pays the bills and supports a minor shopping addiction.
6. Friends that still talk to me even though I can be a bitch.
7. The good health of all of my loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

blah, blah, blah

Been awhile....
Life has been busy but I am eagerly awaiting the long weekend and the turkey and the stuffing and the pie. Mmmmm. Maybe I should go the gym for a few hours tonight in preparation for all of this?? Oh yeah and of course I'm excited about visiting family and all of that which I am thankful for. I always forget that holidays are not just merely about pigging out.

Scott introduced me to this site a while back (www.myheritage.com) and I found it highly entertaining. It tells you what celebrities you supposedly look like. If you have a minute, check it out.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Danger, danger high voltage

So yesterday the power was out in our office starting at 10:00 for what they told me would be for approximately 6 hours. So my assistant stayed until noon and I buggered off to Brandon for the day.

I ended up picking up some fabric and things. I love this brown and blue polka dot fabric!

I also got curtains for our bedroom which are just so light and airy - I love them. I think I am going to get some tie-backs for them because in the pic they are being held like that by hair ties.

I also got some clothes for work. All in all a pretty productive day. Oh - and they didn't finish their hydro work so the power will be going off again next week for one day so that they can finish. I wonder what I'll do that day??

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A small poll if you will...

To all of you cooks out there....

Scott has been doing the majority of the cooking lately as I mentioned in a previous post. This has been wonderful. It is so awesome to come home to the smell of supper cooking.
Last night, however, he was creating a beef stirfry. I say creating because he put cucumbers in it.

So, my question is this:

Is it normal to put cucumbers in a stirfry??

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And another thing

This didn't hurt the movie either...

Weekend update

So the golfing was fun. I didn't golf particularily well, but hey, it happens.

On Sunday we went to see Jackass 2. Interesting movie....you definitely need a strange sense of humour to enjoy it though. The best part was that Scott and I were the oldest ones in the theatre. I spent a good portion of the movie with my hands over my eyes because it was just that gross!

Friday, September 22, 2006


I am having a wonderful Friday. Things have somewhat quieted down at work and I can't wait to have a relaxing evening at home. Since starting my new job in May, I've gone through a number of different feelings about it. Definitely times where I have been overwhelmed by all of the responsibility, but also times where it has been rewarding to see the effects of all of my hard work. I have always been one of those people that feel that you are only ever as good as the people that work for you. I strongly believe in working together and that not one position is any more important than another. Today, our public works guys asked me to go for lunch with them. This shouldn't be such a big deal but around here it kind of is. It is so nice to actually feel like part of the team and respected for how you are doing the job. A nice way to end a frantic work week!

So no big plans for the weekend. Going golfing with the family tomorrow for the little bros birthday. That should be fun -I'm enjoying my new golf clubs. Last time I went out with dad I was out driving him on some of the holes. AND I actually parred holes on more than a few occasions. I will take pics and post them on Monday.

Have a great weekend everybody - here's a pic of my honey on our honeymoon accompanied by a delicious mango icecream treat.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dear diary....

Every girl has a guy when they're growing up that they are completely in love with. Last night I caught the end of Oprah and she had Bon Jovi on.
Even though he had hair that was longer than me I was so in love with him growing up that even though my tastes have changed slightly in men since I was 13, there is definitely something still sexy about him.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Men are from Mars

Friday morning while trying to get dressed for a seminar I was attending I made the mistake of asking how I looked. Scott was rather vague and just said "o.k." So of course being a woman I wanted to know what o.k. meant.

"Well, you look like a turd" is what he told me.

Obviously I was wearing way too much brown. I immediately tried on every piece of clothing I owned for the next thirty minutes trying to come up with a less turdish option.

So... yesterday morning, Scott chose an outfit that was primarily brown. He didn't ask what he looked like, so I volunteered the information and told him he looked like a turd. What's fair is fair.

His response;

"Good - that's the look I was going for" and walked out of the room.

Men suck.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yo yo we be driving these jeeps in the New York Streets

I like to sing... and dance. Sometimes together even. Rarely in public but A LOT at home. Poor, poor Scott. Not only do I like to sing, but mostly songs that I don't know the words to - sometimes even songs that don't exist yet. In fact the less words I know the better in my mind. Nothing is funnier (to me) than making my own words as I go along.

Seems harmless, but last night, while singing along to a commercial, I was told I am tone deaf. How harsh is that - and what a shock really. I did laugh though... and then continued on to the next non existent chorus. I feel sorry for him if we ever have children and they turn out like me.

In other news, I started going to the gym again and it feels awesome. Nothing helps me forget about work and get out my frustrations more than sweating my ass off on the treadmill at the end of a long day. And seeing as how I have been going right after work, the hubby has been making supper every night. Not sure how he feels about this, but I'm loving it. I'll post pictures of my buns of steel later. HA.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My second favorite thing....

Just wanted to share a wonderful little marinade that is delicious with salmon or even shrimp.

1/3 cup soya sauce
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup water
1/4 vegetable oil
lemon juice to taste
2 cloves fresh pressed garlic
salt and pepper to taste

This is pretty much a teriyaki type marinade as far I can tell.... I usually marinate it the night before but it can be marinated for just 2 hours before grilling.


So last Friday I had a hair appointment... I was so sick of my hair not cooperating that I was going to cut it all off. And on the very day of the appointment it looked awesome! I hate that. So anyway, an opportunity to golf that night came up and I rescheduled my appointment until Saturday at noon. By this point I had talked myself out of cutting it all off and I was just going to get a trim.
I'll digress for a moment. You see I have major issues with hair. I have always related femininity with long flowing locks. And now that I am married and quite possible going to be having children in the next few years, I also, more than ever, relate longer hair to youth. Everybody knows it happens, a woman has a baby and then she gets a shorter, "mom" like hair cut to go along with the mom jeans. AAGH. My worst nightmare.
I know you're all dying of curiousity, so I'll just show you what it ended up being:
I had a few moments of anxiety but then realized no matter how much I thought about it, it wasn't coming back. Don't get me wrong, I like it - I just miss my hair.
Mom jeans, here I come.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


There's something about this time of year that makes me very restless. I'm kind of sick of yard work but I really don't have any projects inside yet either, so I just end up moping around, accomplishing nothing. End of summer always makes me like this - not sad because I welcome fall, but not really ready for summer to be completely over yet either. Sigh.

Oh well, a few good things do happen around this time of year. I am getting geared back up to finish decorating our poorly furnished house. Now when I say poorly furnished, I mean we need decorative touches. To a man I'm sure it looks fine - we have a couch, table, and most importantly a t.v. But it is missing those things that make a house a home, like curtains, rugs and artwork. And we do have some projects that still need finished from last year ( wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I love how a blog can turn into nice way to nag!

I've also been feeling crafty lately. I desperately want to start a project or two but I don't really know what. I don't want to start something too intimidating that I won't finish, but I would like to make some Christmas gifts this year. I ventured into the fabric store in town the other day and I got intimidated and left with nothing. So before I go again I need a plan of attack. Maybe Kari-Ann could offer some suggestions??

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Redneck Yacht Club

A few things I learned this weekend:

1) Cigars and shots do not constitute a healthy lunch
2) Never, I repeat never, run down a ramp with flip flops on and a full belly of booze
3) Trying to keep up to a 200 lb man at the shooter bar is a very bad idea ( mind you I wasn't the one that up-chucked and then passed out on the boat!)
4) Drinking Rum, Gin, Beer, Amarreto, Root beer schnapps, and banana mudslides all in one day will give you severe gut rot
5) Never go on a drinking weekend without all necessary supplies - e.g. rolaids and advil
6) Never let your husband convince you that you've packed too much and then actually listen to him and un-pack critical clothes.

And now on to the pictures....

I'll refrain from posting the picture of Josh's left nut.